Thursday, May 7, 2009

Could This Be It??

So it appears that Baby B may be arriving earlier that we anticipated, though I think I am in denial. It looks like I could be in early labor. And yes I am stopping to take time to blog between contractions. (I must be crazy) I am having pretty regular contractions now so we are debating when to head to the hospital.

It started this morning when I thought I was starting to lose my mucus plug and feeling a little crampy just before my dr appointment. Went to my appointment, and on the monitors I was quite obviously having contractions. They weren't super regular or super uncomfortable but I definitely could feel them. Doctor R took one look a the strip and was like, "You are going to be having this baby within the next few days." WHAT!?!? How can this be? My mom is not here yet!

Called my mom after the appointment, to update her, and thankfully she moved her flight to tomorrow evening. Don't know if Baby B will wait that long before they decide to come out.

Now I suspect that I may be leaking water, and now the contractions are starting to hurt more. So a hospital visit looks to be in the very near future.

P.S. is my friend