Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy 4th Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to us! Today is our 4th wedding anniversary. Not doing anything that's spectacularly romantic. Just taking a road trip out west to Mr H2O's college reunion, spending tonight in Pittsburgh.

We've been a couple for a total of 8 years and iIt's been a fun 4 years of marriage with just the two of us. Now we are so ready to expand our family of 2 to something bigger.

Speaking of which, my temp rose another day, so it looks like my ovaries finally got with the program and I'm moving on to the 2WW. Need one more high temp to confirm, but yeah, I'm pretty sure it happened. Yeah ME! Now I need to pray for some patience the next 12 days.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

To Cut or Not to Cut

I love me some caffeine. My morning cup of coffee has become my normal weekday routine now. I wasn't always like that. It has been only in the last 6-8 months that I started regularly drinking coffee, other than the occasional trip to Starbucks. Then I asked for a coffee maker for Christmas. I got one of those wonderful Keurig coffee makers with those fun little "k-cups" that makes a single cup of coffee at a time. Now it's a habit.

Now that we are embarking on an adventure into baby-land I am starting to think that I may need to cut this new habit that I've started. I've read and read all sorts of opinions, and even asked my midwife mom, but haven't come up with a consistent answer.

So should I cut it out now before I become pregnant? Or wait until I see two lines on that test? Or should I even cut out the caffeine at all, pregnant or not? I am only drinking about 1 cup of coffee a day, and maybe have an occasional diet soda (to which Mr H2O hates). And some places say that caffeine moderation is ok, so one cup won't hurt.

It seems to be a controvercial subject. I'm not sure which side of the debate I'm on. But I'm leaning towards getting my morning fix until I see those two BFP lines.

Monday, May 26, 2008

I Must Stop Reading The Scary Stuff

Some of the my faborite blogs the I like to follow lately are the ones regarding pregnancy/fertility/ttc. I especially love the honest ones that tells it to you like it is. They talk about the real stuff "they" (they = moms/doctors/the rest of the world) don't tell you. Yes, I'm baby obsessed. It is part of my sickness.

Well some of these great funny ladies have recently had their babies. Their birth stories can sound scary enough, but I have come to expect that. Births can have all sorts of twists and turns and it of course is painful. But now I'm reading about the joys of post-partum... now that is scaring the crap out of me. The bleeding, the stitches, the swelling, the pain, the catheters, etc. This is the stuf they seriously don't tell you. It must be the "mom-nesia" that everyone talks about that makes them forget all the crappy stuff that happens afterwards.

I seriously need to stop reading all this before it changes my mind.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Wish My Body Was Predictable

**Caution... Do not read if you do not want to know personal gritty details about my body or personal life**

It is so weird to go on my whole adult life trying to avoid pregnancy and now throwing caution to the wind and trying to get knocked up seems almost unnatural. But it is exciting.

This is the thing about PCOS that really sucks. Now that I care what's going on with my reproductive and want to get pregnant and all, my body does not want to cooperate naturally. I respond to the pill beautifully, it's once off the pill that my ovaries go haywire. I can go 3 months with no sign of my period because I wasn't ovulating.

Now I'm on Metformin and it seems to be helping a lot with the ovulating issue from what my charts can tell. Now I just wish it would happen around the same time in some predictable fashion. Yes, I know that's what charting is for, but sometimes my pre-O patterns are all over the place. Sometimes it will happen early, and other cycles I O WAY late.

So here I am, waiting to O. Could be tomorrow, could be a week from tomorrow. Wish I had a crystal ball that would just tell me. This week have things to do, and places to go where doing-the-deed will not really be possible.

Cooperate ovaries! Cooperate!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Trying to Work Out this Working Out Thing

I've turned over this new leaf, and I am going to the gym pretty regularly now. The problem I'm having is fitting my sweat sessions into my day in some kind of regular schedule. Time management is not my biggest strength.

So far, I probably have never gone to the gym at the same time from one day to another. I've gone at all different times. Partly because, I want to see what the crowds are like at different times of the day, and partly because I need to fit it in whenever I can since my workload can vary so much. But I think to really be successful at this, I need to make a regular schedule for my gym so I have no surprises and have a plan.

See, when I go to the gym I work hard and sweat a lot... who doesnt, right? So I'm there maybe 1.5 hours. Then since I hate being sweaty and dirty, I have to shower and dress when I get home which can take up to an hour. So, maybe I'm a little high maintenance. I can't seem to decide on what time in my day is best to fit this all in.

I'm not much of a morning person, so I am not likely to get up early and go work out. I start my office hours around 8:30-9:00am, so getting up before then to work out, shower and get ready for my day... like I said, I'm not really a morning person.

Then during the day, it is a little difficult to be away as most of my client work needs to be done then. So it is difficult to interrupt my work mid-day to work out, but that is when the gym is less busy.

Then the evenings after I close up shop, the gym tends to be way crowded. But I leaning towards the evenings since I can shower after at night and it saves me some time the next morning. Just can't make it too late or I have a hungry grumpy Mr H2O.

So yeah, that is my dillema. Nothing monumental. Though in writing all this, I think I've talked myself it to sticking with the evenings.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Are We Stealthly TTC?

Wow, posts 2 days in a row?? Shocking I know.

Okay, so maybe I should drop the vague act and let it be known that the Mr & Mrs H2O are trying to expand our family (well sort of... more on that soon).

I know I said before that I was going to keep it all secret because I am all superstitious like that... but I need SOMEWHERE to vent and talk about it. So here it is, I am going public. I know there are a few family and friends that know about this blog... so don't make a big deal about it or anything.

So are we or are aren't we TTC? Well at the start of the year, we were. Then after 3 unsuccessful cycles, Mr H2O had recommended that we take a break for awhile to get my health back on track. I was incredibly upset about this because why delay more of what I want so badly. But he was sort-of right. I was back in the "business is running me" phase, I gained back much of the weight I lost last year, and my eating habits and time management was atrocious. So I needed to go back and re prioritize and put me and my health at numero uno. So signed up for gym membership (and sticking to it) and back on Weight Watchers I go.

I've taken some positive steps forward, reduced my office hours, and have also worked on a new attitude (this law-of-attraction thing I'm experimenting with). So far I'm back down 6 lbs and I'm getting a lot happier.

So now that I'm on a better path, and I think Mr H2O may go along with our ttc break being over. We talked the other day briefly since I am anxious that my 29th birthday is coming up quick and I have always had this thing about wanting at least one baby in my arms by the time I'm 30. I told him that "we better get busy". He didn't exactly act opposed to it, but there was no, "ok let's go for it" either.

So as it stands now, I continue to stay on the positive, healthy path and I think we'll take the "whatever happens, happens" approach. Just be relaxed about it... Though I'll still be temping and charting to feed the fever.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Power of Positive Thinking???

Trying to think positive... Hoping for positive result...
Should I renew my FF membership for 1 year or 90 days? What to do, what to do.

I should say I am bound and determined to reach this goal within 90 days.

Buying for the year will save money, but then I let the possibility in that it will not happen before 90 days. At least 90 days will remind me that if it hasn't happened by then, it'll be time to see my Dr again.

Decisions, decisions.

Yeah, it's been long

Ok, so it's been a little while. Not too much has changed, but a little has. Mr. H2O received a big promotion at the beginning of the year so that was exciting. And my business has grown significantly in the first half of this year... hence why I've been MIA for awhile.

Let's see... Much of the weight I lost last year came back on. But I'm now back on the right track again thanks to a gym membership and WW. So things are looking up. I've also had a major attitude adjustment and am starting to delve into this "law of attraction" thing and just having more of an overall positive and joyful outlook, in my business and my life.

I'm still baby-crazy as ever. But the Mr and I are hoping that it'll be our turn soon.

I promise, I won't let it go that long anymore.