Sunday, June 21, 2009

Reason For My 6 Week Absence

Joseph Edward Barber
Arrived May 8, 2009
6lbs, 12oz
It's been quite an eventful 6 weeks . So much to tell, including a short NICU stay and all. But of course, I have been a little occupied. We are enjoying loving on our Joey. He is the greatest baby... But maybe I'm a little biased.
More pictures and stories will follow, I promise!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Could This Be It??

So it appears that Baby B may be arriving earlier that we anticipated, though I think I am in denial. It looks like I could be in early labor. And yes I am stopping to take time to blog between contractions. (I must be crazy) I am having pretty regular contractions now so we are debating when to head to the hospital.

It started this morning when I thought I was starting to lose my mucus plug and feeling a little crampy just before my dr appointment. Went to my appointment, and on the monitors I was quite obviously having contractions. They weren't super regular or super uncomfortable but I definitely could feel them. Doctor R took one look a the strip and was like, "You are going to be having this baby within the next few days." WHAT!?!? How can this be? My mom is not here yet!

Called my mom after the appointment, to update her, and thankfully she moved her flight to tomorrow evening. Don't know if Baby B will wait that long before they decide to come out.

Now I suspect that I may be leaking water, and now the contractions are starting to hurt more. So a hospital visit looks to be in the very near future.

P.S. is my friend

Thursday, April 23, 2009

36 Week Pic

New Pic - 36 Weeks, 3 Days. Baby has to be giant.

Appointment Update

Had my appointment earlier today and of course, it takes 2+ hours out of my day... again.

BP- 122/70... perfect
Weight - only 5lbs gained this entire pregnancy
Non-stress test - Baby behaved great. It kicks at the monitors the whole time. This time it showed a few contractions though. But they were just a few little short ones that didn't hurt or anything. No big deal. I get BH contrax all the time.

Doctor R didn't do much to alleviate my fears of the baby being a giant. He checked my fundal height and said, "Well that baby is definitely not small"... Gee thanks. So um yeah, guess I'm measuring a little big. He said I'm measuring nearly full term, so I guess that means 1 or 2 weeks ahead? I'm supposed to get a growth ultrasound but can't get in until next Wednesday night. Argh!

So chances are that baby is big, but we won't have an idea of just how big until next week. And of course, those growth ultrasounds can be off by 1 or 2 lbs + or -. But if the baby is showing to be pretty big , then there is a chance that might go a little earlier than the due date. Possibly by the dreaded induction. Doctor R says that when he checks me at 39 weeks and the cervix looks really ready, effaced enough, and dialated, then he'll probably send me in to the hospital, "break your water and you should go into labor pretty easily". Sounds like some form of an induction. Not my favorite idea. And I also asked how far he would let me go before he would insist on inducing me, and he said that he certainly does not want me to go passed 40 weeks. So that is that.

Now of course I have all this worries going through my head about inductions, and interventions, and possible c-section. But a lot can happen between now and due date. And I'm probably thinking about all this too much. We'll know a little more next week. Then I'll know if I need to start "Opperation Ripen", and try and get this labor train started, even if it's a bit early.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby Shower Pics

Here are some pics from the awesome baby shower that was thrown for me at the very end of March. I was about 33 Weeks then.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

36 Weeks - I'm a Bad Blogger... Again

Ok, so I've been MIA again. It's just been really busy around here, so not much time to blog let alone breathe. I've been getting all my business wrapped up and getting ready to be ready for this baby. So what's been happening?

Well I'm now 36 weeks and a couple days. Holy crap! Less than 3 weeks until due date!! I can hardly believe it. I still have not been put in insulin for the gestational diabetes thus far. Yeah me! When I behave on the diet I still do fine according to my doctor. And most of my appointments have been uneventful. 2 weeks ago doctor started me on doing once weekly non-stress tests. Those have been fine so far. And I'm seeing the doc every week until due date.

I had my baby shower, thrown by my fabulous mother-in-law and sister-in-law. They really went above and beyond and it was so amazing. I'll have to share pics soon once I get them from my sister. But we and the baby got spoiled rotten. Now we have all the "stuff" so this baby could come any time and we at least have a place for baby to sleep and diapers for their behind. So we are ready... well almost.

I am now convinced that I am growing a giant baby. I spied myself in the mirror, and woah this belly is massive. I can only imagine how big this kid is inside me. Tomorrow I get scheduled for a growth ultrasound so hopefully soon I will see just how much of a giant this baby is. Chances are, if baby is really big right now, I may have to go early via induction. Though an induction is the LAST thing I want. I actually have my serious fears about inductions and the high rate of c-sections. One blog that has got me scared - Yeah, I know... I should not be reading any scary stuff.

But anyways, tomorrow might be an interesting appointment. I promise I'll be back soon

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Evaded the Insulin Again

So had a doctor appointment again today, and I've managed to hold off the insulin for at least 2 more weeks. Doctor thinks I'm doing fine. No weight gain, and the numbers are still within his acceptable range and baby looks good. So I guess I'm in the clear??

I don't know. Every time I talk to my mother she tells me that my 2hr readings need to be under 120. Doctor says 140. She keeps talking to perinatologists in her practice and they all say 120 and I should be on insulin. But MY doctor thinks I'm fine and doesn't want to put me on anything yet. So I kind of feel torn. I am trying my best to keep the numbers down. Sometimes I can barely manage under 120 but I get close. So I will just keep doing what I'm doing, and keep the cheating down to a minimum.

Argh! I hate all the stress that this is causing me. I just want to curl up around a huge bowl of ice cream.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trying To Be a Patient Patient

My doctor appointment was yesterday. I spent nearly 2 hours in that office, 10 minutes of which was being seen by the doctor. The rest was waiting, and waiting, and waiting. So annoying.

But here are the stats.
BP: perfect.
Weight gain: -1lb overall
Fundal height: measuring about 30 weeks
Baby: looked good on quick ultrasound. Head down.

Doctor handed me orders for diabetic education and to meet with a dietitian, which apparently was supposed to be given to me the LAST time I was there (5 weeks prior). Would have been helpful to have THEN. He blamed it on his front office gals. I am starting to wonder about his office.
Anyways, I am to meet with a dietitian follow diet to the letter, and see doctor again next week to see if I will be put on insulin or not. No Glyburide for me... he doesn't believe that it helps with the "big baby" problem. I'm guessing I will be on insulin shortly. But time will tell.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Have Appointment Today

I was supposed to have an appointment last week, but doctor was pulled into an emergency and I had to be rescheduled. I know these things happen, but I had been sitting in the waiting room for 40 minutes when they finally told me.

I was a bit miffed at the time. Partly because of the time wasted. But mainly because it had been 4 weeks since I saw the doctor last, and now I'm on to 5 weeks since. And mainly I am concerned about the Gestational Diabetes and wonder if I should be monitored closer.

I am really concerned how my doctor seems almost too laid back about it. Especially when I talk to my mother (a midwife) who informs me that their desired blood sugar numbers are much lower than what my doctor said. I am really worried about growing a big baby. I want to totally avoid a c-section if I can, and that means no big baby. Plus my numbers are getting a little harder to control with the diet.

I'm almost convinced that I will be put on medication today, and I am ok with that. I think I will feel better. But we shall see what the doctor says today.

28 Weeks 2 Days

Monday, February 16, 2009

Innie to an Outie?

Could it be that my "innie" belly button will be turning into an "outie" by the time I get to the end of this pregnancy? I must say, my belly button has gotten noticeably shallower lately. Mr H2O doesn't seem to believe me though. Thinks it's my imagination. We shall see.

But this belly has definitely gotten bigger and a little heavier.

27 weeks

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Entering the Third Trimester

Tomorrow (Sunday) I will be 26 weeks, 6 days, which will put me officially into the third trimester. I can hardly believe that I am two thirds of the way there. It feels like last week that, I in my sleepy stupor, I peed on a stick and saw that extra line.

Belly is quite obviously bigger, and has gotten heavier in front. Little one has been moving like crazy lately. Somehow, I'm beginning to think that baby has found my bladder to be some sort of trampoline. It's not very nice, I keep telling baby, but they're obviously not listening. But I love just sitting and feeling all the movement and feeling blessed that I even get to experience this, bladder jabs and all.

And today is the day that Mr. H2O has decided we'll start painting the nursery. The Depot was having a paint sale, so I had to get my butt in gear and pick the color that I have been going back and forth on for months. I of course had a last minute change of mind, and picked the perfect green. I'll be sure to post the pics once the color is up and we have nursery somewhat decorated.

This painting business is pretty much the first and only thing we've done for the baby. Haven't ordered the crib yet, haven't ordered OUR furniture yet (long story), and other than a some clothes I've picked up and some bedding (for the crib we do not have yet), we really have none of the stuff that a baby needs. So since we have like, oh, 93 days, we better get crackin'.

Oh and I'm still dealing with the damn gestational diabetes.Strawberries have seen to be my saving grace... that satisfy the need for sweet, and they don't send the blood sugar out of whack. Luckily it seems I've been able to maintain with the diet, but have a doctor appointment this week and we'll see if I am growing a giant baby and if there will be a change of treatment. Let's hope not.

26 Weeks, 5 days

I Heart These T-Shirts

Some maternity t-Shirts I am considering buying... It's just the mood I'm in.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Darn Diabetes

I really think this whole GD thing sucks. I am not liking dieting while I am pregnant one bit. I was dieting before I was pregnant! Why can't I get a free pass?

At my appointment at 23 weeks, I was convinced that the doctor was going to look at my numbers and put me on medication or insulin right away. To my surprise he was happy with most of my readings as his target was a little higher than I though. So that was good news. When I follow the diet really well my numbers stay well within range. And I really notice a difference if I don't "behave" on the diet.

I am supposed to stick to a regular eating schedule with the correct exchanges and all. But I am having a hard time with it as my own work schedule is so irregular. And I never had a super sweet tooth or anything before, I just really like food (and carbs). Now I want everything I CAN'T have. This is fun.

I know this is all for a good cause and for the health of my baby. I want this baby to have as healthy start as possible. I just want to whine about it a little, that's all.

I am starting to get so insanely jealous of all these pregnant women I see who can eat absolutely anything and everything they want at any time they want. So I had a moment of weakness last week and got a Tasty Cake Chocolate Lovers Pie to eat after my lunch. And boy did it taste good. And then pain came. It was a mixture of feeling like crap because I had all that sugar, and the pain of guilt. It was bad. It won't happen again.

So I'm deciding on my list of things that I can have now to be in the delivery room once I birth this baby. Item #1- A big fat piece of gourmet Turtle Cheesecake. Take note.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ultrasound Photos

I know that I promised to post the ultrasound pics from a couple weeks ago. Well, better late than never, right?

The ultrasound itself was awesome. We got to see our little one for a good 30-40 minutes. It's legs, arms, heart, brain, everything. But sorry. Not sharing the sex here. Baby is still a surprise.

So here are the latest pictures of our little cutie.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Big Ultrasound Today

By the way, today is the BIG u/s. Very excited. But a little nervous. I had thoughts of, "what if they find something wrong?" But I'm really trying not to think about that.

And we may or may not find out the sex. But sorry, I will not be revealing that if we do. (seriously Meredith, let it go) No matter what, we want that to be a surprise for everyone. Mr. H2O is adamant. And besides, I don't really care either way. I just want a healthy baby.

Still 21 weeks, 0 days.

(3 posts in one day?? Wow)

A Little GD Irony

I have a super fabulous client that is in the Hershey, PA area. And of course, since he is from Hershey, the land of chocolate, he sent me a giant box full of all sorts of chocolate for Christmas. And all my favorites, especially the dark chocloate. I really haven't blown through it yet, and I've had it a month now. I was savoring it slowly.

Well now, with the GD, I better lock all that chocolatey goodness away.

I've Got The GD

The week of Christmas I managed to squeeze in my 3 hour glucose test (oh so much fun). Then last Tuesday was my appointment at 20 weeks. First news, it looks like my quad screen results got lost in space somewhere which I was a little peeved about, so they were going to have to redraw my blood again for that. As if I didn't get poked enough the week before. Oh, and the weight gain was only about 4lbs, so that wasn't too bad, especially with the holidays that I was eating carefree.

Next, I asked if they got my 3hr glucose results yet. By the look on the midwife's face, I knew that they did, and I could tell that the numbers weren't great. And there were not. The two middle numbers were too high for their liking. So I've got the Gestational Diabetes diagnosis.

I was handed a Rx for getting a glucose monitor and all that jazz. Right now I get to poke myself 6 times a day, before I eat a meal, and 2 hours after. Yay! I am also to really seriously follow the GD diet plan she gave me before closely and see how my sugars respond. I am to come back in 3 weeks and have to see the doctor instead of the midwives, who will then decide if I go on medication or insulin.

Now, judging by my numbers I am getting right now while strictly following the diet, I'm not sure if I will be able to avoid medication or insulin. But it is hard to tell. I was just given the glucose meter and strips and told to test and follow the general diet they gave me. I wasn't told of what ranges my blood sugar readings should be in. And from what I am reading and researching about GD around the net, usually GD patients are referred to a dietitian to help tailor an eating plan for their specific needs. So I feel like I'm flying a little blind here.

Then the news that I would have to next see the doctor, I was a bit disappointed in. I'm not sure if it means that my care will all be in done by the doctor instead of the midwives now since I moved up to a slightly higher risk category. I'm sure we'll see as my visits go on. But I really like the midwife I had been seeing, and, you know, I'm a little biased about them (because of my mom).

I do know that now this means business. This isn't only about my health, but that of my baby's health too. It kind-of sucks, and the very regimented eating and poking schedule is very hard for me. But I have to do it to avoid having a 12lb unhealthy baby.

21 weeks, 0 days

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Been a Bad Blogger - Some Updates

Ok, ok, I've been a really bad blogger. Last time I was here I was over 14 weeks, and now I am nearly 21 weeks. Bad, bad blogger. So here is an update on what happened over the last few weeks since.

15 Week appointment - I had an appointment that was a week after I last posted due to that high blood pressure situation. At this appointment the blood pressure was perfectly fine, so the week before must have been a fluke or some weird anxiety thing. I also had my blood drawn for quad screen and then my 1hr glucose test, which I learned later I failed. But I still had no weight gain at that point, so the midwife told me to go ahead and enjoy myself on Thanksgiving. And I did.

15, 16 & 17+ weeks - Baby bump really started to make it's appearance and maternity clothes became a constant wardrobe must. I no longer looked like I just put on a few pounds. A little, not only fat, belly was starting to show.

Mom visit - My mom came to visit in the beginning of December. I worked my butt off to get my house all decorated for Christmas and cleaned, and got my business in order before she got here to make sure I could take some time off. It was great spending time together one-on-one which I never really get to do with my mom often. She took me on a maternity clothes shopping spree, which was awesome. Then we took a trip to NYC for a couple nights, did some more shopping and went to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Overall the trip with mom was a pretty great visit.

Christmas season - It was a crazy, busy time of year for me. I had a new client that came on that had lots of set-up to do. Plus it was holiday mailing season so I was going crazy trying to get all my clients calendars/greeting cards out, plus send holiday cards for my own business, not to mention to do my personal Christmas cards. All that on top of all the regular client work. And somehow I needed to sneak my Christmas shopping in there as well. And did I mention that I had to somehow fit a 3hr glucose test in there too?
I was working at a crazy pace and it was pretty stressful. But I managed to get through it, get it all done, and have some time to occasionally breathe. I am still busy but the added stress of Christmas is now over.

Christmas Eve - Our Christmas was pretty awesome. Christmas Eve I managed to work, clean the main floor of the house, dress up, go to mass, and then come home and fix our dinner for two... Whew! But somehow I got it in my hormonally challenged brain that Mr. H2O failed to recognize my work to make things nice, felt unappreciated, blah blah blah. But really, these days, it doesn't take much to make me cry or overreact. So I realized later that I let my hormones get the best of me and it was pretty much in my head.

Christmas Day - This Christmas was a great day. It was sunny but cold. We headed up to my in-laws house and spent such a lovely day with Mr. H2O's family, who I love. Food was great, my niece and nephew were so much fun to play with and be around, and I realized how next year our baby will be here and get to share in all the wonderfullness. And my mother and father-in-law are so very generous, and spoiled us and baby rotten. Among many of the great gifts they got us, we received our baby bedding that I have been coveting for months. It was a fabulous day.

Movement - I had been feeling very small movements over the past few weeks. Pretty much started at the end of 18 weeks where I was sure I was feeling baby and not the rumbling of my digestive system. I feel a little more each day, and this week they are stronger and way more frequent. So very cool. And If I didn't think it was real before, it's a definite reminder that this definitely is.

I promise there will be more to come bout my last appointment and more in my next post.

20 weeks, 6 days