Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Life and Times

So here is the first official post on my personal blog. The direction of this blog will be mostly dictated by my weightloss journey, personal feelings durring the week, and whatever else I feel like. This one will be my fun blog where people can really know what I'm like and how I feel.

So what's my story? Well, the name is Megan, I'm 27 years old, married to Jeff the love of my life, and we live together is beautiful south Jersey. And I'm a big girl. I've always been the "big girl" and have struggled with weight issues most of my life. Last fall I was at my absolute biggest at 228lbs and it started affecting my body. At that time after a battery of tests and bloodwork I was diagnosed with PCOS and my doctor had other concerns and pointed his finger at me saying "I want you to lose weight". With PCOS and knocking on the door to diabetes, I needed to make a change, and it took my doctor to say it to knock some sense into me. So October of 2006 is when I jumped in with both feet and took control of my life and my health.

I joined Weight Watchers in October starting at 228. With a trip to Cancun and the holidays, I stalled a few times, but I reached my 10% goal at the beginning of March. Also in March, I joined the wonderful Spark People (Free Online Diet Plan at to do in conjunction with WW and it has given me an awesome motivational kick. And as of today I am down to 203 and have lost a total of 25lbs! Only about 60lbs more to go.

It's gonna take a while and it won't be easy, but I have to do it. I need to get healthy so we can have a baby. I need to stave off diabetes.

I don't want to be the big girl anymore.

By the way Spark People is one of the greatest tools out there that I have found and recommend this to ANYONE to try it!
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