Sunday, October 28, 2007

Early Halloween

So okay, another weird fact about the area I live... they do trick-or-treating early around here. And at a mandated time. And for only for kids 12 and under (in certain towns). It's an interesting rule that we learned about since we moved here. The local towns mandate a specific times for trick or treating. And in our town specifically, if Halloween falls on a weekday, then they mandate that trick-or-treating is moved to the Saturday before Halloween, and during the daylight hours.

So yesterday was our "Halloween" or trick-or-treating day, from 1-4. I just think it's strange, and kinda lame. I mean I know it's all about safety and keeping it not "on a school night", but it still takes a little bit of fun out of Halloween. When we were kids, we waited until dark on Halloween and trick-or-treated until our hearts content... and ON Halloween. It just doesn't seem as fun to do it early. And then mandating the ages? That's lame too.

Oh well. Mr. H2O and I joked that our future children will be lucky to go trick-or-treating twice... once early our town, and then we can go to Grandma and Grandpa's on Halloween. Twice the fun, Twice the candy.

Here are the pumpkins that I took time to carve in time for "early Halloween".

My little pumpkin - it says "boo"
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

My Big pumpkin - says Happy Halloween, but it dried up a little and the words got messed up
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After I took these pictures, I promptly tripped on the front step coming back in. Yep... I am graceful. The camera is fine, my knee and ankle are not.

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