Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Horray for Fall!

I cannot beleive that September is here already! Where did the summer go? Though it still feels like summer here. But at least we haven't had to use air conditioning in almost a week.

But one of my favorite times of year is here. I love the fall! I love fall colors, fall smells, fall decorating. And best of all, I am excited for football!

Eight years ago, you would have never heard me say such a thing, but I really do love football. This is all Mr. H2O's doing of course, but I don't mind. I refused to become a "football widow" and decided I was going to learn and enjoy it as much as my husband. And when fall rolls around in the H2O house, we are all abuzz about our Yahoo Sports Football pick-em (I've beaten Mr. H2O 3 years in a row now), we excitedly make our football picks, and Philadelphia Eagles become priority #1.

Mr. H2O has been an Eagle fan since birth practically. I married into it, but I don't mind. Last December 25th, in our house you would have no idea that it was anything other than Eagle's game day... Christmas dinner was put on hold until 9:30pm. The Eagles/Dallas game was way more important of course. I think that was a situation that happened region-wide. This is the first time in my life that have ever lived close to a "football city", and Philadelphia and about a 50 mile radius surrounding it, lives and dies by this football team. I grew up near Seattle, and what did we have? The Seahawks. For the most part they were always terrible, and nobody really gave a crap about them.

So the next several Sundays (and some Mondays) are occupied with great hits, great catches, lots of yelling (not by me of course) some inevitable heart-break, and some trash talking. Game 1 versus Greenbay is this Sunday.

So I highly recommend that other ladies out there to not fight it. Get into it. And if you have a slightly competetive spirit, join an NFL pick 'em pool with your significant other and see how into football you will get. It's a blast. And some of the players aren't bad to look at either.

And while Eagles are #1 I do secretly root for the Cincinnati Bengals(or Bungles as he affectionately calls them). Many OSU Beaver players have ended up there, and Carson Palmer is HOT.

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