Friday, July 27, 2007

5:20am Wake Up Call

I was woken up from a deep sleep at 5:20am by our lovely smoke/CO detector alarm. Both Mr. H2O and I nearly jumped out of our skin wondering "what the hell was that?" And I'm not talkin' the small-type "the battery needs changing" beep. I'm talkin' the big loud high pitched horn that you can hear down the block. The weird thing is, it only rang once, and then stopped. Then we heard the occasional chirp every couple minutes.

There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to it at all. Mr. H2O searched the house, found no fire, no smoke, no nothing. And apparently that was not the correct alarm sound for carbon monoxide either, so we were way puzzled. We were then subjected to endless chirping every minute from different smoke detectors throught the house for the next two hours. After switching various "good" batteries around and still no answer, I now have 2 of the upstairs smoke detectors (and there are 5) disconnected and sitting on the floor.

We are still completely puzzled.

What a night to decide to stay up until 1:30am. I am paying for it today.

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