Sunday, January 4, 2009

Been a Bad Blogger - Some Updates

Ok, ok, I've been a really bad blogger. Last time I was here I was over 14 weeks, and now I am nearly 21 weeks. Bad, bad blogger. So here is an update on what happened over the last few weeks since.

15 Week appointment - I had an appointment that was a week after I last posted due to that high blood pressure situation. At this appointment the blood pressure was perfectly fine, so the week before must have been a fluke or some weird anxiety thing. I also had my blood drawn for quad screen and then my 1hr glucose test, which I learned later I failed. But I still had no weight gain at that point, so the midwife told me to go ahead and enjoy myself on Thanksgiving. And I did.

15, 16 & 17+ weeks - Baby bump really started to make it's appearance and maternity clothes became a constant wardrobe must. I no longer looked like I just put on a few pounds. A little, not only fat, belly was starting to show.

Mom visit - My mom came to visit in the beginning of December. I worked my butt off to get my house all decorated for Christmas and cleaned, and got my business in order before she got here to make sure I could take some time off. It was great spending time together one-on-one which I never really get to do with my mom often. She took me on a maternity clothes shopping spree, which was awesome. Then we took a trip to NYC for a couple nights, did some more shopping and went to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Overall the trip with mom was a pretty great visit.

Christmas season - It was a crazy, busy time of year for me. I had a new client that came on that had lots of set-up to do. Plus it was holiday mailing season so I was going crazy trying to get all my clients calendars/greeting cards out, plus send holiday cards for my own business, not to mention to do my personal Christmas cards. All that on top of all the regular client work. And somehow I needed to sneak my Christmas shopping in there as well. And did I mention that I had to somehow fit a 3hr glucose test in there too?
I was working at a crazy pace and it was pretty stressful. But I managed to get through it, get it all done, and have some time to occasionally breathe. I am still busy but the added stress of Christmas is now over.

Christmas Eve - Our Christmas was pretty awesome. Christmas Eve I managed to work, clean the main floor of the house, dress up, go to mass, and then come home and fix our dinner for two... Whew! But somehow I got it in my hormonally challenged brain that Mr. H2O failed to recognize my work to make things nice, felt unappreciated, blah blah blah. But really, these days, it doesn't take much to make me cry or overreact. So I realized later that I let my hormones get the best of me and it was pretty much in my head.

Christmas Day - This Christmas was a great day. It was sunny but cold. We headed up to my in-laws house and spent such a lovely day with Mr. H2O's family, who I love. Food was great, my niece and nephew were so much fun to play with and be around, and I realized how next year our baby will be here and get to share in all the wonderfullness. And my mother and father-in-law are so very generous, and spoiled us and baby rotten. Among many of the great gifts they got us, we received our baby bedding that I have been coveting for months. It was a fabulous day.

Movement - I had been feeling very small movements over the past few weeks. Pretty much started at the end of 18 weeks where I was sure I was feeling baby and not the rumbling of my digestive system. I feel a little more each day, and this week they are stronger and way more frequent. So very cool. And If I didn't think it was real before, it's a definite reminder that this definitely is.

I promise there will be more to come bout my last appointment and more in my next post.

20 weeks, 6 days

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