Monday, January 5, 2009

I've Got The GD

The week of Christmas I managed to squeeze in my 3 hour glucose test (oh so much fun). Then last Tuesday was my appointment at 20 weeks. First news, it looks like my quad screen results got lost in space somewhere which I was a little peeved about, so they were going to have to redraw my blood again for that. As if I didn't get poked enough the week before. Oh, and the weight gain was only about 4lbs, so that wasn't too bad, especially with the holidays that I was eating carefree.

Next, I asked if they got my 3hr glucose results yet. By the look on the midwife's face, I knew that they did, and I could tell that the numbers weren't great. And there were not. The two middle numbers were too high for their liking. So I've got the Gestational Diabetes diagnosis.

I was handed a Rx for getting a glucose monitor and all that jazz. Right now I get to poke myself 6 times a day, before I eat a meal, and 2 hours after. Yay! I am also to really seriously follow the GD diet plan she gave me before closely and see how my sugars respond. I am to come back in 3 weeks and have to see the doctor instead of the midwives, who will then decide if I go on medication or insulin.

Now, judging by my numbers I am getting right now while strictly following the diet, I'm not sure if I will be able to avoid medication or insulin. But it is hard to tell. I was just given the glucose meter and strips and told to test and follow the general diet they gave me. I wasn't told of what ranges my blood sugar readings should be in. And from what I am reading and researching about GD around the net, usually GD patients are referred to a dietitian to help tailor an eating plan for their specific needs. So I feel like I'm flying a little blind here.

Then the news that I would have to next see the doctor, I was a bit disappointed in. I'm not sure if it means that my care will all be in done by the doctor instead of the midwives now since I moved up to a slightly higher risk category. I'm sure we'll see as my visits go on. But I really like the midwife I had been seeing, and, you know, I'm a little biased about them (because of my mom).

I do know that now this means business. This isn't only about my health, but that of my baby's health too. It kind-of sucks, and the very regimented eating and poking schedule is very hard for me. But I have to do it to avoid having a 12lb unhealthy baby.

21 weeks, 0 days

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