Wednesday, April 22, 2009

36 Weeks - I'm a Bad Blogger... Again

Ok, so I've been MIA again. It's just been really busy around here, so not much time to blog let alone breathe. I've been getting all my business wrapped up and getting ready to be ready for this baby. So what's been happening?

Well I'm now 36 weeks and a couple days. Holy crap! Less than 3 weeks until due date!! I can hardly believe it. I still have not been put in insulin for the gestational diabetes thus far. Yeah me! When I behave on the diet I still do fine according to my doctor. And most of my appointments have been uneventful. 2 weeks ago doctor started me on doing once weekly non-stress tests. Those have been fine so far. And I'm seeing the doc every week until due date.

I had my baby shower, thrown by my fabulous mother-in-law and sister-in-law. They really went above and beyond and it was so amazing. I'll have to share pics soon once I get them from my sister. But we and the baby got spoiled rotten. Now we have all the "stuff" so this baby could come any time and we at least have a place for baby to sleep and diapers for their behind. So we are ready... well almost.

I am now convinced that I am growing a giant baby. I spied myself in the mirror, and woah this belly is massive. I can only imagine how big this kid is inside me. Tomorrow I get scheduled for a growth ultrasound so hopefully soon I will see just how much of a giant this baby is. Chances are, if baby is really big right now, I may have to go early via induction. Though an induction is the LAST thing I want. I actually have my serious fears about inductions and the high rate of c-sections. One blog that has got me scared - Yeah, I know... I should not be reading any scary stuff.

But anyways, tomorrow might be an interesting appointment. I promise I'll be back soon

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