Thursday, April 23, 2009

Appointment Update

Had my appointment earlier today and of course, it takes 2+ hours out of my day... again.

BP- 122/70... perfect
Weight - only 5lbs gained this entire pregnancy
Non-stress test - Baby behaved great. It kicks at the monitors the whole time. This time it showed a few contractions though. But they were just a few little short ones that didn't hurt or anything. No big deal. I get BH contrax all the time.

Doctor R didn't do much to alleviate my fears of the baby being a giant. He checked my fundal height and said, "Well that baby is definitely not small"... Gee thanks. So um yeah, guess I'm measuring a little big. He said I'm measuring nearly full term, so I guess that means 1 or 2 weeks ahead? I'm supposed to get a growth ultrasound but can't get in until next Wednesday night. Argh!

So chances are that baby is big, but we won't have an idea of just how big until next week. And of course, those growth ultrasounds can be off by 1 or 2 lbs + or -. But if the baby is showing to be pretty big , then there is a chance that might go a little earlier than the due date. Possibly by the dreaded induction. Doctor R says that when he checks me at 39 weeks and the cervix looks really ready, effaced enough, and dialated, then he'll probably send me in to the hospital, "break your water and you should go into labor pretty easily". Sounds like some form of an induction. Not my favorite idea. And I also asked how far he would let me go before he would insist on inducing me, and he said that he certainly does not want me to go passed 40 weeks. So that is that.

Now of course I have all this worries going through my head about inductions, and interventions, and possible c-section. But a lot can happen between now and due date. And I'm probably thinking about all this too much. We'll know a little more next week. Then I'll know if I need to start "Opperation Ripen", and try and get this labor train started, even if it's a bit early.

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