Wednesday, June 6, 2007

All is calm in H2O Land

Today is a good day. It is sunny and not too hot or humid and I like it that way. And Mr. H2O is out of town on a business trip today so I have plenty of extra time to work today without worrying about what to do for dinner or if all the laundry is done.

Today, I also have a new sense of clarity. Last night, Mr H2O and I turned off all radio, TV, and closed the laptops and just spent time in the quiet talking with no distractions. It was really nice. I think we should do this one night a week, and I recommend it to every married couple.

And we were finally able to talk over the baby issue (my latest obsession) and really TALK about it. And the good thing is now I've been let in on the secret of what will take us from almost to Yes. It makes sense and I am totally ok with it. And now I know what goal and timeline that we are shooting for and I feel so much better. That was the part that was driving me crazy. The unknown staring me in the face and my impatience was getting the better of me.

I feel good and I'm excited. But this is our secret and our lips are sealed. So when are we go to start trying? No one is going to get it out of me. Even Mom. So stop asking.

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