Friday, July 20, 2007

I can't I can't, I can't stand losing...

Mr. H2O and I went and to the Police concert last night in Philadelphia. It was the kick assiest!

I think this was probably the first time that we had gone to a concert where both of us were into the band. It was a great time! We danced, we grooved, we sang... Mr. H2O rather loudly... Got a couple dirty "I came to hear Sting, not some random dude in the crowd" type looks from surrounding people, but he didn't care. It was so much fun.

It was the present for each other's respective birthdays and we had fabulous 13th row seats. And they better have been good seats because we paid a pretty penny for them. But we were aweful close. Close enough to notice that Sting was wearing very tight pants.

Yes, their first album may have been released a year before I was born, but I am totally into them. It brought back memories of being really little and my uncle and aunt were grooving to them back in the day.

We were surrounded by people my parent's age and that was definitely apparent when people were leaving all around us before the first encore. WTF? This is the freakin POLICE people! They haven't toured in in 20 years! Must have been passed the bedtime of all those oldtimers.

It was kind of refreshing though to go to a concert and not feel like the oldest person there which has happened a lot lately. I'm now at the old age of 28 after all.

Police concert... Loved it.

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