Monday, July 23, 2007

Baby Rabies - "When it's more than a fever"

I recently added to my blog roll of my favorite blogs (I'll continually add more) a blog called Baby Rabies. It is a condition that not only the writer ther suffers, but I'm afraid I suffer from it too. My main symptoms seem to be extreme impatience for starting to TTC (that's try to conceive to folks that are not down with the baby crazy verbaige) and complete loss of all practical and rational thought at the mere site of the baby department at Target. Not to mention the tunnel vision I have when I see nothing but pregnant women everywhere I go.

While having this last weekend to myself, when I wasn't working I found myself lurking about on the Nest ( - a great message board site) checking out messages from other women ttc or pregnant and drooling over thier pictures of their nurseries all set up. Then I found myself bookmarking my favortie baby sites on the net for future use, picking out my favorite bedding. Ugh, this is more than just a fever. Mr H20 has no idea how bad it is.

Anyway, Baby Rabies is an extremely entertaining blog and I found that I am not the only one that suffers this sickness. I can totally relate to everything she says. Now I need to read up on her tips on how to infect your husband.

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