Monday, October 20, 2008

Back From Vaca

We arrived home the other night from our Mexico vacation. We had a great, relaxing time and I just love it there. Having to refrain from drinking alcohol wasn't too bad. They made the virgin tropical drinks extra yummy for me. It is one of our last kiddo-free vacations that we will have. Next time in Mexico, we'll be bringing along a third guest.

So I did great on the flights, I didn't get sick at all the whole time, and found plenty of things I could eat (which I was worried about). Had my normal bloat and sleepiness symptoms, but it was fine because I was relaxed and on vacation. I got plenty of sun too.

So, right before we left we spilled the beans to my family by sending the ultrasound pic. Then we let my in-laws in on the secret while in Mexico with them. Everyone is thrilled all the way around, as expected.

Now we're getting ready to spill it to the rest of the world.

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