Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Update from Appointment Yesterday

Had my first "official" appointment at the doctor's office with someone other than a nurse. I got to meet one of the midwives there, and she is fabulous! My doctor is nice and everything, but I really like her and hope that I get to see her a majority of my visits. I prefer a midwife to a doctor anyways. I'm a little biased about them, being that my mother happens to be a midwife too.

So on to the appointment... No weight gain (that's good since I pigged out in Mexico), results from blood taken last time were all good and normal, and blood pressure good. Basically I am "normal" all the way around. Then I was pleasantly surprised that I got to take a quick peek at the baby again. Yep, it's still there. And it was moving around and heart was beating and everything. Always reassuring.

Of course I asked if I would be tested for Gestational Diabetes early since my history and risk is a little high. So it looks like about the next appointment, they will test me. She also recommended and gave me the diabetic diet to get started on now. Boo. Not totally excited about having to "diet" while pregnant, but I understand. I want to be able to "pass" the GD test or at least keep my sugars in control so they don't have to medicate me and I don't have a giant 10lb baby. We want to keep it "Small and slippery" as one of my mom's midwife colleagues says. I am in agreement.

10 weeks, 2 days

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