Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dear Ovaries,

My Dearest Ovaries,

If you would please cooperate this next cycle, that would be wonderful. I'd preferably like you to do your work in a timely fashion, like CD 14, or somewhere right around there. I know you can do it, you've done it before. So if you can get into gear around then, that would be great.

If you're not able to do it that soon, that's ok, but please do it in some predictable and easy to detect fashion. Mr. H2O and I luckily have a pretty clear schedule, so there should be no interruptions this time to try and catch that egg.

I'm thrilled that you are even managing to ovulate "normally" now, but if you can do anything to help us time it out better would be great. And if we don't catch the egg this cycle (though I have hope that we will), ovulating around the same time in subsequent cycles will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Warmest Regards,
Mrs. H20

CD 4

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