Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's August... On To Another One

So I've been a little absent. The trip to PDX that went along with my grandmother's passing left me super busy when I got back. I barely got time to catch my breath and catch up on work since my Father and family arrived for a visit 2 days after I got back. Then last week was a flurry of activity with family visiting and still trying to get work done.

Now that I can finally catch my breath, I feel like complete utter shit. I just can't find the energy, motivation, or amount of ibuprofen to get to feel like getting work done or be productive. I just feel sucky.

Doesn't help that AF arrived yesterday so now we are on to cycle... oh I think I've lost count. I think maybe 7 or 8. That break we took in April is throwing me off. But anyway, the last cycle was another one afflicted by bad timing and my body not being so predictable.

It just does not want to cooperated and O at around the same time every cycle and it is driving me crazy. And it seems to happen at the worst times or times when gettin' busy are not possible. The month before I O'd way earlier than I expected... while family was visiting. Now this last cycle I had O'd way LATER than before and of course it happened to fall when I had to leave town for my grandmother's death & funeral. The timing has just sucked lately.

So this cycle should be different. We're not going anywhere, no one is visiting, life should be "normal"... and much easier to get our timing right. Let's just see when my body decides to O this time.

Attention ovaries: Please cooperate and O in a timely manner. Thank you.

CD 2

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