Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fever and Chills Last Night = Temp Spike This Morning

I got a tetanus shot on Monday. My left arm has hurt like hell since. I was contemplating ways to amputate it after I had a terrible night sleeping the night before. At least today, it is feeling a little better.

In the early evening yesterday I decided I wanted to get out of the house since Mr. H2O was gone till later. So I decided to go to my favorite craft store to preview things I want for fall decor and projects.

While shopping, my lower back was sort of bothering me the whole time, and I kept rubbing it. Couldn't tell if it was that muscle spasm that had been plaguing me or what. When I was getting to my end of my sweep of the entire store I all of the sudden felt that something was not right. It was overcoming my entire body and coming in waves where I felt like I was either going to faint or vomit. I just did not feel right at all and I just had to get out of there and get home.

I got in line hoping it would go fast since I was wasn't sure if I would pass out right there. I paid for my items quickly and got in my car. I was white knuckled the whole way worrying I would pass out while driving and cause an accident. But luckily I did get home safely.

All night I was feeling chills and body aches and just generally like crap. I especially had an ache in my lower back which got me all freaked out about my kidneys. The chills and body aches were probably an indication of some sort of fever. But I had no headache or anything. It was strange. And I just felt awful. And we needed to work on catching that O last night and this was not helping.

So this morning I woke up to a big temp spike. Yesterday was only CD 10, so that is WAY too early to O in my case. So I am guessing that I probably had some kind of low grade fever last night. What from, I have no idea. Perhaps the tetanus shot. But I woke up feeling a little better than the night before. Don't feel feverish, or chills or anything. My lower back pain is still kind of there, still thinking it is muscle spasms. But this is all so strange.

So yeah, that's what's going on with me lately.

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