Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Have a Secret

So I have a secret that I discovered this morning.

Do you see a 2nd line here?

Well how about this??

So yeah, it's a BFP! It looks like my body and our schedule was able to get it's act together and we are PREGNANT!!!

Today I am 11dpo and I really have no idea what even possessed me to even test this morning. I just got up and decided, what the heck, I'll test with one of my internet cheapie tests. I was totally expecting nothing.

To my absolute shock and surprise, a faint line started to show up. I didn't have my glasses on nor my contacts in, so at first I thought I was seeing things. Put my contacts in, looked again, and yep, there's a faint line. NO WAY!!

Still in disbelief, I went digging through my bathroom cabinet that had some digital hpt's that I had been saving for such occasion. And yes, I saved my cup of pee from the fmu, so I was good to go. I process the test, and wait... As evident above, it said "Pregnant".

I woke up Mr. H2O this gently asking if he had his glasses nearby and if he could see if he can see what I am seeing. He asks what it's about. I say, well it's a hpt and I'm wondering if I'm seeing things, or if there is really a second line. He gives me an eye roll (because he knows it's a little early), takes a look and says, "well I guess there is a faint line there"... then I hand him the digital.

So I am quite excited, and over the moon. I'm not sure if it's quite sunk in for me yet, and I'm pretty sure it hasn't sunk in for the Mr. either.

According to my due date forecaster, our first baby is due to arrive May 19. So now this new journey begins. Stick baby, STICK!

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