Monday, February 2, 2009

The Darn Diabetes

I really think this whole GD thing sucks. I am not liking dieting while I am pregnant one bit. I was dieting before I was pregnant! Why can't I get a free pass?

At my appointment at 23 weeks, I was convinced that the doctor was going to look at my numbers and put me on medication or insulin right away. To my surprise he was happy with most of my readings as his target was a little higher than I though. So that was good news. When I follow the diet really well my numbers stay well within range. And I really notice a difference if I don't "behave" on the diet.

I am supposed to stick to a regular eating schedule with the correct exchanges and all. But I am having a hard time with it as my own work schedule is so irregular. And I never had a super sweet tooth or anything before, I just really like food (and carbs). Now I want everything I CAN'T have. This is fun.

I know this is all for a good cause and for the health of my baby. I want this baby to have as healthy start as possible. I just want to whine about it a little, that's all.

I am starting to get so insanely jealous of all these pregnant women I see who can eat absolutely anything and everything they want at any time they want. So I had a moment of weakness last week and got a Tasty Cake Chocolate Lovers Pie to eat after my lunch. And boy did it taste good. And then pain came. It was a mixture of feeling like crap because I had all that sugar, and the pain of guilt. It was bad. It won't happen again.

So I'm deciding on my list of things that I can have now to be in the delivery room once I birth this baby. Item #1- A big fat piece of gourmet Turtle Cheesecake. Take note.

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