Saturday, February 14, 2009

Entering the Third Trimester

Tomorrow (Sunday) I will be 26 weeks, 6 days, which will put me officially into the third trimester. I can hardly believe that I am two thirds of the way there. It feels like last week that, I in my sleepy stupor, I peed on a stick and saw that extra line.

Belly is quite obviously bigger, and has gotten heavier in front. Little one has been moving like crazy lately. Somehow, I'm beginning to think that baby has found my bladder to be some sort of trampoline. It's not very nice, I keep telling baby, but they're obviously not listening. But I love just sitting and feeling all the movement and feeling blessed that I even get to experience this, bladder jabs and all.

And today is the day that Mr. H2O has decided we'll start painting the nursery. The Depot was having a paint sale, so I had to get my butt in gear and pick the color that I have been going back and forth on for months. I of course had a last minute change of mind, and picked the perfect green. I'll be sure to post the pics once the color is up and we have nursery somewhat decorated.

This painting business is pretty much the first and only thing we've done for the baby. Haven't ordered the crib yet, haven't ordered OUR furniture yet (long story), and other than a some clothes I've picked up and some bedding (for the crib we do not have yet), we really have none of the stuff that a baby needs. So since we have like, oh, 93 days, we better get crackin'.

Oh and I'm still dealing with the damn gestational diabetes.Strawberries have seen to be my saving grace... that satisfy the need for sweet, and they don't send the blood sugar out of whack. Luckily it seems I've been able to maintain with the diet, but have a doctor appointment this week and we'll see if I am growing a giant baby and if there will be a change of treatment. Let's hope not.

26 Weeks, 5 days

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