Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trying To Be a Patient Patient

My doctor appointment was yesterday. I spent nearly 2 hours in that office, 10 minutes of which was being seen by the doctor. The rest was waiting, and waiting, and waiting. So annoying.

But here are the stats.
BP: perfect.
Weight gain: -1lb overall
Fundal height: measuring about 30 weeks
Baby: looked good on quick ultrasound. Head down.

Doctor handed me orders for diabetic education and to meet with a dietitian, which apparently was supposed to be given to me the LAST time I was there (5 weeks prior). Would have been helpful to have THEN. He blamed it on his front office gals. I am starting to wonder about his office.
Anyways, I am to meet with a dietitian follow diet to the letter, and see doctor again next week to see if I will be put on insulin or not. No Glyburide for me... he doesn't believe that it helps with the "big baby" problem. I'm guessing I will be on insulin shortly. But time will tell.

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