Thursday, May 22, 2008

Trying to Work Out this Working Out Thing

I've turned over this new leaf, and I am going to the gym pretty regularly now. The problem I'm having is fitting my sweat sessions into my day in some kind of regular schedule. Time management is not my biggest strength.

So far, I probably have never gone to the gym at the same time from one day to another. I've gone at all different times. Partly because, I want to see what the crowds are like at different times of the day, and partly because I need to fit it in whenever I can since my workload can vary so much. But I think to really be successful at this, I need to make a regular schedule for my gym so I have no surprises and have a plan.

See, when I go to the gym I work hard and sweat a lot... who doesnt, right? So I'm there maybe 1.5 hours. Then since I hate being sweaty and dirty, I have to shower and dress when I get home which can take up to an hour. So, maybe I'm a little high maintenance. I can't seem to decide on what time in my day is best to fit this all in.

I'm not much of a morning person, so I am not likely to get up early and go work out. I start my office hours around 8:30-9:00am, so getting up before then to work out, shower and get ready for my day... like I said, I'm not really a morning person.

Then during the day, it is a little difficult to be away as most of my client work needs to be done then. So it is difficult to interrupt my work mid-day to work out, but that is when the gym is less busy.

Then the evenings after I close up shop, the gym tends to be way crowded. But I leaning towards the evenings since I can shower after at night and it saves me some time the next morning. Just can't make it too late or I have a hungry grumpy Mr H2O.

So yeah, that is my dillema. Nothing monumental. Though in writing all this, I think I've talked myself it to sticking with the evenings.

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