Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Are We Stealthly TTC?

Wow, posts 2 days in a row?? Shocking I know.

Okay, so maybe I should drop the vague act and let it be known that the Mr & Mrs H2O are trying to expand our family (well sort of... more on that soon).

I know I said before that I was going to keep it all secret because I am all superstitious like that... but I need SOMEWHERE to vent and talk about it. So here it is, I am going public. I know there are a few family and friends that know about this blog... so don't make a big deal about it or anything.

So are we or are aren't we TTC? Well at the start of the year, we were. Then after 3 unsuccessful cycles, Mr H2O had recommended that we take a break for awhile to get my health back on track. I was incredibly upset about this because why delay more of what I want so badly. But he was sort-of right. I was back in the "business is running me" phase, I gained back much of the weight I lost last year, and my eating habits and time management was atrocious. So I needed to go back and re prioritize and put me and my health at numero uno. So signed up for gym membership (and sticking to it) and back on Weight Watchers I go.

I've taken some positive steps forward, reduced my office hours, and have also worked on a new attitude (this law-of-attraction thing I'm experimenting with). So far I'm back down 6 lbs and I'm getting a lot happier.

So now that I'm on a better path, and I think Mr H2O may go along with our ttc break being over. We talked the other day briefly since I am anxious that my 29th birthday is coming up quick and I have always had this thing about wanting at least one baby in my arms by the time I'm 30. I told him that "we better get busy". He didn't exactly act opposed to it, but there was no, "ok let's go for it" either.

So as it stands now, I continue to stay on the positive, healthy path and I think we'll take the "whatever happens, happens" approach. Just be relaxed about it... Though I'll still be temping and charting to feed the fever.

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