Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Other Hobby Feeding the Fever

I like being creative and making things with my hands. And I like beads and gemstones and over the years have been very into making beaded jewelry. It is my dream to someday have my current business running on autopilot, so I can embark on a my hobby of making jewelry and perhaps make another business selling my jewelry.

So I'm on this track on making making some "fertilty" braclets with stones or symbols that are cultural or historical aides or reminders of fertility.

Rose Quartz: In ancient times rose quartz had been a symbol of love and fertility and many cultures do belive so today. It is said to promote pregnancy and protection of the mother and unborn child. It is also an excellent stone to bring emotional peace, and ease tension.

Moonstone: This stone has long been associated with women's cycles and it said to promote emotional balance and intuition. In many cultures it is a symbol of fertility and eastern women sew it within their garments to improve fertility. It is also tied to boosting "female engergy" and soothes stress and anxiety.

Now this is not some voodoo or some kind of "magic" thing that anyone who wears it will bear a child. I'm making them because the above stones look very pretty. And they are more of a reminder or a remembrance and to promote fertility or infertility awareness. For right now, I'm making them not just for myself but for family or friends who want them. Eventually, if I do end up selling them, I will be donating some of the proceeds to charity like the March of Dimes.

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