Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lots on my mind: Law of Attraction

Ok, So I am new to practicing this law of attraction thing. Over the last few months, the subject keeps coming up in different business seminars I've attended, tv shows I watched, or random conversations. So something was telling me to check it out. And I did, and I have been cautiously studying it the last few months.

This whole, "thoughts are things", power of positive thinking, and vision board phenomena is interesting to me to say the least. I have seen and drawn parallels with my past that this sort of thing has been working through my life and I didn't even know it. And it has nothing to do with my belief or disbelieve in God or organized religion (a post for a different day). But maybe this law of attraction stuff is real and I have always known it, just in a different form.

It has occurred to me that I really "got it" when I was a young child and it has somehow permeated my adult life too, but not as obvious. When I was young, I was always known as the daydreamer, my head in the clouds. But that was the way I was. A Dreamer. I liked to makebelieve, I liked to make up visions of what I would be when I "grew up". There was no upheaval. Money was no object. I didn't have any worries. Anything bad that came up, I would just let it roll off my back.

It wasn't until I was much older, and when I was convinced to stop daydreaming and start listening to the "real world", that things like doubt and negativity really entered my mind. Even as an adult, though probably subconsciously, I still held on to those same childhood dreams of everything being just as I wanted, or always holding a positive attitude and letting things roll of my back like "duck feathers" (as some past coworkers had told me they secretly nicknamed me).

I've watched The Secret, I've seen the shows, I've read the essays, articles and sites from the major law of attraction "gurus". What I am doing is not relying on any one book, or one movie, or one guru, and I am piecing together ideals and practices that make sense to my life at it is now. I am going back to try and be that dreamer I was as a child. There really was nothing wrong with that.

So I am applying these new ways of thinking to my business and especially to my personal life. I am daydreaming and envisioning the dream for my business, and for my real life. And quite obviously, my dreams and vision involves babies and a happy family as well as a successful business (that'll run by itself). Here's to a clear vision an to hope for my dreams to come true.

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