Monday, July 14, 2008

Birthday Was Great

My birthday yesterday was a great day. I got to relax most of the day, then get a little dressed up to do by one of my favorite restaurant's. Here we are at Doc's after our yummy dinner.
Jeff & Megan July 13, 2008
Then we went off to the boardwalk for awhile to walk off dinner and spend a few minutes in the casino and promptly lost our money. It was fun.

Over dinner we kind of got into a philosophical discussion about how we are going to raise our children with faith, and what exactly we are going to teach them. See, Mr. H2O and I are kind of going through a "crisis of faith" so to speak. We like the morals and the teachings of religion that we have been taught through our life, but in our minds, organized religion is flawed because of the fact they are run and governed by humans (who are fundamentally flawed to begin with). Therefor that is one main reason (among others) that we do not practice a formal religion at this time (both of us were raised catholic). We believe in some sort of higher power and hope that there is something more after we are gone, but we just don't know.

Now this is all well and good to go about our spirituality in this fashion for ourselves. But now that we are going to bring children into this world, we are going to become responsible for their spiritual development. And so what do we teach them? what do we go with? Do we baptise our kid even if we don't necessarily believe? These are all the things that we are tossing around, and have come to some decisions that will work for us... though I'm sure there are family members that would give us grief.

I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

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