Sunday, July 6, 2008

On to a New Cycle

Today is day 1 of cycle #6. Yeah me! Today I feel like celebrating with a bag of chocolate, a bottle of wine and a bottle of advil.

I had things all wrong with this last cycle, probably because of one missed day, and interruptions in life. It ended up being shorter than previous ones I've had. And I pretty much suck at timing it right... or at least the O time hasn't necessarily worked in our favor.
Last cycle, I happened to have my family visiting, and it looks like it was during my "fertile period". Of course that fertile period was a little earlier than expected. But also, I have thins thing about gettin' busy when I have family members visiting at the house... It's kind of less likely to happen. And my whole schedule was interrupted with less sleep and more alcohol drinking. But I thought I may have been in the clear and had some earlier "fluke" high temps then O'd after that. But since what I had of my LP was amounting to only 10 days (way too short for me), I knew I had to be wrong.

Nope. Looks like I was wrong. It looks like the day I "actually" O'ed was a day that I happened to not take my temp. A morning after I was up until 3:30 am at the band's show. Then I had a couple days of high temps that I thought were just due to my house being abnormally hot those mornings and lack of sleep. But now that AF arrived today, I don't think that was the case.

So we totally missed the O. No March baby. Time to try for an April one. I am vowing to try our hardest not to miss it this time. We will FLB for 2 weeks straight if we have to.

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