Wednesday, June 25, 2008

17 Teenagers Knocked Up? On Purpose?

What the hell happened to the world? So 17 girls in one school in MA, no older than the age of 16, have all gotten knocked up. And allegedly it was on purpose... some "pregnancy pact" that these girls made. WTF?

Do these girls have any idea what they are in for? Do they know the likelihood of them being in poverty because of their teen pregnancy? It is such a sick sad situation, especially since many of these girls have no business having children at that age.

I think many of them envision that baby bumps are "cute", and how "cute" they will look walking down the halls at school with a kick ass stroller. How "cute" will they think it is when they have a screaming infant at 3am, formula and diapers to pay for, or the fact that they can't go out with friends or do anything because they have another human being to take care of?

Many in the media say teen pregnancy has been normalized by things such as the movie Juno. I recently saw that movie, and maybe it glamorizes teen pregnancy just a touch, but not much. The character Juno is wise well beyond her years and in fact unlike any teenager I have meet in my life. What teenager talks like that?

I think what really normalized teen pregnancy in these teens' minds is the fact that their own school had a free in-house daycare, and even encouraged students to use it in their freshman sex-ed class. "How cool!! I get pg in high school and I won't have to worry because the school will take care of my kid!" *barf*

What ever happened to those after school specials? You know, the ones that showed teen pregnancy and how sucky it makes life, how hard it is, and how people will shun and look down on you. Basically the ones that scared the crap out of kids to never have sex... ever. Heck, those slide shows in health class showing all the gross std pictures were enough for me to remain a virgin for a long time.

Well whatever. It'll be interesting to see how many of these girls make a good decision to give up the babies to loving couples, how many make something of themselves as single moms, or how many become drains on the welfare system.

I just hope to God that if I have daughters, that I will have raised them with the brains enough not to do something like this. Or I can put the fear of god in them about sex like my mother did.

Why can't I be half as fertile as some of these crazy bitches in MA? I've worked hard, I'm ready maturity wise & financially, and I deserve a baby.

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