Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Towels Are Not Soft Enough

I am halfway through the 2WW trying to keep myself occupied for the next 7 days before I obsess about testing or not. (and I am DETERMINED not to test early) So now I'm obsessing about my towels and how they are not as soft as they could be.

We were just out of town and spent one of those nights at our friend's house. Well I noticed that their towels are so nice and soft. My towels seem almost "crispy" and it drives me crazy. So I went in search on how to keep our towels soft and fluffy.

1. Wash towels in warm water. Avoid too hot of water or drying temperatures as that may cause shrinkage.
2. Use half the ammount of detergent as stated on the detergent label and never pour detergent directly on them. If detergent does not rinse out completely it could build up a residue and cause stiffness.
3. Do not use fabric softeners on your towels. It can cause build-up and ruin a towel's absorbency. Acts as a repellent rather than absorber.
4. Deeply colored towels shoudl not be washed with light colored towels.
5. Add 1/2 cup of baking soda to the water of your wash to help increase softness and keep them smelling fresh.
6. Tumble drying towels in a dryer as opposed to line drying, makes towels much fluffier.

So there. I will try all that and make my towels much more soft instead of scratchy. Now what's my next project to obsess about?

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