Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another 2ww - Some Craziness Ensues

I had another PCOS victory in that I actually O'd again, so that makes me happy. Now I've entered another 2ww, and that means 2 weeks of waiting, wondering, and acting sort of like a crazy person.

So what are my crazy person symptoms? Well, I seem to have the need to feel myself up every now and to verify that my boobs are indeed tender (and they are). I also psych myself out about every twinge, headache, etc that are pg symptoms from my phantom baby (probably more like a food baby).

Another crazy person symptom is that I seem to wander into the baby sections at local retailers with the overwhelming urge to buy just 1 thing to save for Mr. H2O to give him when I get that elusive BFP. And I actually do it. Nothing big, just a onesie that says "My Daddy is #1". I've been buying little things like that here and there for the past year that will be a cute gift to give him when I do get my BFP. I like cheeky, sarcastic onsies and "daddy" themed things that I think he would enjoy, and get him excited.

Some people say that doing the above will just jinx us... I guess I'm sometimes surround by lots of superstitious people. But I don't want to be superstitious. I want to have hope. I do have hope. And I am so freakin' excited for the day where I get to surprise Mr. H2O with a positive pee stick and some of the goodies I've been saving for our baby.

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